Monday, 8 September 2014

Days 4, 5 & 6

Day six was a wash. It started out well, I ate my muesli for breakfast, ran a 5k with Max for Run or Dye 

Then as time kept ticking by while we waited for DJ to finish up his volunteer duties at the race, I was getting hungrier and hungrier. I got to the point where literally the first restaurant we saw on the Niagara strip is where we ate. I screamed there! $6.99 all you can eat breakfast...and I ate all sorts of yummy crap. After just four days of having removed dairy, meat, sugar and caffeine from my diet, I was hella sick Saturday night. 

Sunday was great, breakfast and lunch were on track! Then we went to our neighbours daughters birthday party where I was instructed upon entering that I MUST take a shot of vodka...dammit, it went down hill from there. Ribs. Ice cream cake. get the picture. Zero self control.

Today I was back on point, no harm no foul I guess. 

Whole wheat, eggless, dairyless, sugar free pancakes with a fruit compote and chopped up dates!

Lunch & dinner, brown rice, black beans and fresh pico di gallo salsa.

Snacks consisted of nuts and Triscuits with cashew butter. I also had an apple with some all natural crunchy peanut butter.

While macro nutrient dieting I got very used to eating a fourth meal at night, so after soccer I came home and made a vegetable stew/soup with some chickpeas. That was extremely satisfying! I will make it again and post the recipe!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 2 & 3 of the fast

Well, it's midnight of day three and the headache has finally subsided. Could have been the NSAID I took so uncoils run, but sweet Jesus I don't even care. The torture headache has gone and I can think straight again.

So to recap yesterday. I ran 5 miles (8 kilometres) and completed a Les Mill Pump Revolution video of 55 minutes.

It felt good, not going to lie though, I'd have sold my first born for a doughnut and a coffee at the first opportunity. Ah coffee, I miss you so much, creamy (I use non-fat cream btw), hot, slightly bitter, I miss your warm embrace...18 days until we will be reunited!

Food for day two:

Cashew butter on Triscuits sprinkled with some unsweetened coconut shreds.


A ton of Asian inspired vegetables in some broth with soba noodles. This was soul inspiring comfort food!!

Dinner: I inhaled without photos because I was starving. Sorry...

Snacks were nuts and grapes!

Day Three:


I found this muesli this morning at the grocery store and and found the ingredients were fast compliant so I decided to try it. With the almond milk sit wasn't bad! I think the brand of almond milk I use isn't great so I'll have to see what the other brands taste like. My sister swears by Silk.


This is a homemade while wheat tortilla with hummus and tomato from my garden. Serious YUM!

Dinner was once again inhaled as was my after run "snack" of a mess of stir feted veggies and tofu. I'm really trying to make sure my tofu placement is after I'm done running or working out. Tomorrow I'm going to try and incorporate beans into my day for more protein. 

Snacks were nuts and watermelon.

On to day 4 and hopefully no fucking headache.?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Why does God hate caffeine

More importantly, why does me drinking coffee have to be a pleasure I deny during this fast :(

The Daniel fast is a faith based fast, and I am a non-practicing Roman Catholic, but that is not why I am doing this. I feel like dropping dairy, meat and sugar should kick start my metabolism.

Today has been rough. Especially the no coffee. My head currently feels like it's in a vice, and I could really go for a cheese burger. Followed by a pot of coffee. Buuuut, seven years ago I quit smoking and so I can DO THIS!

Tomorrow will be interesting as I have two work outs scheduled, a run and Body Pump. 

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast was a disaster as it was the first day of school so I inhaled some grapes and triscuits when I got home.

Lunch was AMAZING!!

A soba noodle stir fry


Sautéed tofu, rapini, fresh tomatoes sprinkled with balsamic and a grain blend called Granissimo. This was seriously delicious!

Snacks have been nuts, grapes and Triscuits with some hummus and a shit ton of water.

I'm ready for bed now...please headache, go away.

Daniel fast day one...almost done

Monday, 1 September 2014

YA YA...

I know I know...I ran the half marathon and then disappeared, I am back though to track my 21 day fast.

Tomorrow is day 1 of The Daniel Fast.

No dairy.

No sugar.

No alcohol.

No meat.

No coffee.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and water.

I have been stuck in a rut for so damn long I am hoping this helps me kick start my next phase of weight loss.

I will be posting my meals and how things are going on the fast.

Until tomorrow - DAY 1